Monday, August 10, 2009

Dead & Breakfast.. Movie Review

This movie is a cult classic in waiting. This movie got horrible reviews. Why? Because some people seem to think when you have zombies and the movie isn't marketed as a comedy.. It must be an attempt at a serious horror movie. This is far from it. This is one of my favorite 6 pack movies. Grab a 6er and sit back and have a good time with it. You got a pretty good cast helping you to do so. Jeremy Sisto, Portia de Rossi, and my buddy David Carradine. Not to forget the redneck zombie country singers that help narrate the movie for us. And they are FUNNY AS HELL.

The movie has a pretty typical story to it. A group of friends are on their way to a wedding and have some troubles finding their way. So stop in a small town and shack up at a Bed and Breakfast that is owned by David Carradine. In the morning, when they awake, him and his son are found murdered and the group are to blame. Along with a hitch hiker that seems to know a little more about the place than he leads on to. Of course you got the vengefull spirit that is let loose and re-animates the dead to start an army of zombies trying take over the town and some world domination. Its got some good gore and some very funny scenes. This movie is a comedy, there is nothing scary about it. Its as scary as Army of Darkness. And probably just as cheesy. Which is great.. Since the movie is actually doing what its suppose to do, not just ending up that way because the other movies are just BAD. If anything, check it out for the soundtrack. That pretty much makes the movie right there. A zombie redneck band. Enjoy

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