Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hatchet.. Movie Review

When I saw the first synopsis of Hatchet, and then the trailer.. I was floored. Finally an old fashion hackem' slashem' future cult classic that I have been waiting for. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting. NOW its out.!!! And I loved it. You got a whole cast of actors new and old that are very familiar to horror and do it awesomely. So you got a good group of people that knew what they are doing in my opinion. The movie is a combination of a lot of other movies but, makes it its own. Its hard to get original now a days. And I think it was the intent to give us a nostalgia.

A group of tourists take a boat tour of the swamp that Victor Crowley is suppose to haunt. The tour guide is kind of a tool, so he wasn't making it very scary. But, in a little bit he wouldn't have to try too hard. Because, of course, the boat gets damaged and the tour is forced to hoof it back to civilization. Unfortunately they break down right in front of the house that Mr Crowley and his deformed son lived together in. Soon they will be running for their lives as Victor chases them with a murderous intent all over his back yard, the swamps. Mr. Crowly loved his son, but, the story goes.. Some reckless kids decide to play a prank on the two of them and end up starting a fatal fire. And sometimes in the middle of the night you can hear Victor crying for his father. There are a lot of other reviews out there that will say this movie is a "comedy" not a horror. But, that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Its got a couple laughs in it and of course our tour guide comic relief. But, if you liked Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm, or any of those movies you'll really like this. It really takes you back to the roots of the old school horror movies. So I wouldn't recommend going into this movie expecting to see something that will keep you awake with fear.. More awake laughing. This is one of those movies that the gore doesn't make it scary. Sure you're gonna do the, "AHWW DAMN" from all the blood.

Don't miss this one. Your girlfriend or wife might want to though.

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