Friday, August 14, 2009

Lets talk a REAL top horror list..

Recently there was a top 20 horror movies in the last 20 years made my Entertainment Weekly. Yeah.. I think its BS. And I would assume that anyone else that has followed horror will too. So I took it upon myself to come up with my OWN list. :) Granted its not all in the 20 years. And there is a couple lists that I made based on a some different factors.

1. MY favorite movies to watch over and over again. Some may be a whole series. Like Halloween.

2. A top list of movies I THINK should be done. Based on the following, originallity, over all quallity, and kickassness.

3. The B-Horror list. Movies that aren't the most popular with the critics.. However, have a cult following that would make it a top movies on a lot of die hard fans of the genre.

First lets start with Entertainment Weekly's List..

20. DEAD-ALIVE (1992) -- Good movie.. Not sure if it belongs here though.
19. DARKMAN (1990) -- This is horror??
18. EVENT HORIZON (1997) -- Yes, I think it belongs. Maybe not in top 20. But, REAL close
17. THE KINGDOM (1994)
16. THE DESCENT (2005) -- Surely not a top 20 movie.
15. SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) -- OH YEAH..
14. HOSTEL 2 (2007) -- I didn't mind it. But, surely a brainless movie
13. MISERY (1990) -- Good movie.. just wouldn't call it horror.
12. FROM HELL (2001) -- Again, this is horror?
11. PLANET TERROR (2007) -- On the fence with this one
10. RINGU (1998) -- I heard good things, but, if its ANYTHING like the remake. NO WAY
9. ALIEN 3 (1992) -- This truely is not in the top 20. Didn't mind it. Just no.
8. DRAG ME TO HELL (2009) -- This is getting great reviews. I should watch it.
7. THE SIXTH SENSE (1999) -- NO, I hated this movie. Of course this is all my opinion
5. 28 WEEKS LATER (2007) -- I liked part 2 better. But, a lot of people like it.
4. SCREAM (1996) -- OH yeah, I loved Scream. A guilty pleasure from my teens.
2. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) -- Good place for this one. But, not sure if its horror.
1. AUDITION (1999)

Read on in the comments to view my created lists


  1. Now lets talk what I think is a better top horror list. Now its not in the last 20 years.. Because I kinda got carried away.

    25. Hellraiser 1, 2, 3
    24. SAW
    23. Candyman
    22. Midnight Meat Train
    21. Alien
    20. Aliens
    19. Zombi
    18. Night of the Living Dead '90
    17. Dawn of the Dead (both)
    16. Day of the Dead '85
    15. Halloween 1 & 2 '78, '81, '07
    14. Friday the 13th 1, 2, 3, 4
    13. Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74, '03, '06
    12. My Bloody Valentine '81 ('09 is decent)
    11. Evil Dead 1, 2, and Army of Darkness
    10. Pumpkin Head
    9. Phantasm 1, 2, 3
    8. Terror Train
    7. The Thing
    6. Creep Show
    5. Bram Stoker's Dracula
    4. Nightbreed
    3. Nightmare on Elm Street ALL
    2. Return of the Living Dead 1,2
    1. Lost Boys

    No real order.. These are surely some movies that you NEED to watch. :) At least to experience them. And to get in on some of the old school horror movies that people may talk about.

  2. These are movies that I can watch over and over again because I think they are awesome and a lot of fun.

    25. Altered
    24. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
    23. The Blob
    22. The Fog (both versions)
    21. House on Haunted Hill
    20. Night Flier
    19. Dead Silence
    18. The Stuff
    17. Vamp
    16. Vampires
    15. Terror Train
    14. The Thing
    13. Split Second
    12. Let the Right One In
    11. Fright Night
    10. Aliens
    9. Cabin Fever
    8. Happy Hell Night
    7. Return of the Living Dead 1,2
    6. Night, Day, Dawn of the Dead
    5. Nightbreed
    4. Wrong Turn
    3. 13 Ghosts
    2. People Under the Stairs
    1. Laid To Rest

    Again, no in real order. Just movies that are lots of fun to watch and a good time. May not be up to the standards of the big wig critics. But, they are fun.

  3. Now, I'm gonna give my list of movies that will not make much of ANY lists. LOL. But, if you're fan of the cheese like I am. You'll love them.!!!

    25. All the rest of the Friday the 13th, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, Nightmare on Elm, and Saw movies
    24. Chopping Mall
    23. Flight of the Living Dead
    22. Suspieces Series
    21. Puppet Masters
    20. Puppet Master Series
    19. Cabin Fever
    18. Killer Klowns From Outerspace
    17. Dead Silence
    16. Popcorn
    15. Scream Series
    14. Vamp
    13. Wrong Turn
    12. Shaun of the Dead
    11. Zombie Strippers
    10. Undead
    9. Dead and Breakfast
    8. Creep Show 2
    7. Hatchet
    6. Toothferry
    5. Trailer Park of Terror
    4. Evil Dead 2
    3. Army of Darkness
    2. The Stuff
    1. Shocker

  4. There you have it. My lists. Yeah, I may have left some out here and there. And some are dups. But, over all its a pretty damn good list I think.

    For those out there that enjoy horror of all types, you make your own list. Because my opinion is like.. **sholes. Everyone has them. Enjoy yourselves no matter what you watch. And don't let anyone tell you what YOU like and what YOU should watch. Have fun.!!!

  5. What is EW thinking? Blair Witch Project was horrible. I was pissed I spent money to see that. I totally agree with Lost Boys, one of my favorite all time movies, and Shocker, loved seeing Skinner from X Files as a bad ass.