Sunday, August 9, 2009

Start off with some background...

Hey all.. My name is Terry. I've been a huge fan of horror ever since I pissed myself watching Evil Dead when I was 8 or something. LOL. That chick just sitting there all fucked up and demonic.. laughing. Evil laughing. OoOoOoOh... Creepy shit. *I didn't really piss myself* Anyway. I was scared. But, yet, intrigued. Nothing that day or week made my brain move like it did. I was hooked.

I think it was this hottie right here. LOL ^ ^ ^

NOW I see this movie and I laugh my ass off.!!!

Horror is a strange thing. You can twist and bend it in your mind to make it whatever you DON'T want. Your mind uncontrollably wanders into the sickness that is horror, you can't stop it, because the more you try the more you think and the more you mind conjures up the scariest things you can possibly imagine. And, then you welcome it.. you twist it into your own. What you have now is ME.

Now, there is only horror... horror-comedy, horror-romance, horror-drama. horror-sci fi.
Some of my favorites in no real order of scare or type.
Return of the Living Dead 1, 2
Halloween (all)
Friday the 13th (all)
Nightmare on Elm Street (all)
Chopping MallThe Stuff
Night, Day, Dawn, Land of the Dead
Salems Lot '04
The Thing
Shaun of the Dead
Dead and Breakfast
Dog Soliders
Lost Boys
Event Horizon
The Stand
Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2
Demonic Toys
Puppet Masters
The Puppet Master (all)
Masters of Horror Collection
Terror Train
The Fog (both)
Storm of the Centruy
Night of the Creeps
Midnight Meat Train
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Phantasm (all)
The Club
Night of the Comet
Killer Klowns from Outerspace
The Hazing

Wow, there is way too many to mention. As you can see.. I've seen a lot. I could go on for a while even. But, I figured I would stop myself. I based this blog site on a Halloween theme. Because, what says horror like Halloween. When you think of scary movies. That is the one that comes out of everyone's mouth.

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  1. "The Thing" is one my #1 favorite horror movie. Much like you, I have too many favorites to name.