Saturday, August 22, 2009

Train.. Originally Terror Train remake.

At first I was excited about Terror Train being redone. Its a classic horror-slasher. A great stand alone film that didn't get sucked into the the sequal routine.

Then, the movie gets a whole new direction and its a stand alone film.

2 mins into the movie and I got the feeling I'm watching Hostel on a train. 15 mins into the movie you got some Russian characters cleverly getting some rouge teens on the wrong Train through a series of predictable events. And then I really know its Hostel on a train. Don't get me wrong, Hostel was a good movie. But, I am really hoping this movie takes off..

Anyway.. about it. A group of teens in a foriegn country for a wrestling championship get miss led and directed by very predicable events that cause them to get on the WRONG Train and are terrorized at every turn and corner. Staring Thora Birch from one of my all time favorite movies, American Beauty. (hope she got paid a lot for this one) and some random players from nowhereville.

So, as I'm 21 mins into the movie. And I've called it all out. And its all been done before. They really should have gone with the remake. I love Thora Birch and I feel really bad that she did this.

Oh gee, didn't see that coming. (sarcasm)

Well, as you can read, this movie isn't anything special.. NOW, what I will say is that I really had my hopes up for this movie. I love Thora Birch and the movie seemed exciting when I first read about it. So when i first noticed the Hostel theme I got really disappointed. I guess if I knew ahead of time the road I would be going down it wouldn't be so bad. My loss is your gain.

So if you're a fan of Hostel and you love the gore. Surely check this movie out. I'm gonna watch it till the end and see if something changes. Maybe right? And I'll reply with what I find. Till then, Momma Say Knock You Out.


  1. *****SPOILER*****

    Yeah, remember the last 30 mins or so of Hostel.

    This is about it.

    At least this movie ended. And I mean that like, at least they didn't leave it open for an obvious PART 2.

    I keep saying Hostel. Because the movie was a rip off of it. Lets try to be a little more original huh? Sure the motivation behind the tortue wasn't the same. That doesn't hide much though.

    I will give it this much though. Train did get into the action over all faster than Hostel did. But, yeah. like I said. This is surely a rip off.

    Wanna watch a horror movie with a train.. WATCH TERROR TRAIN.!!!! Great movie.

  2. "And it's all been done before. They really should have gone with the remake."

    Thank you for my daily helping of irony.

    I do agree with your review of "Train", but I think "Terror Train" is awful, too. Can't understand the love for that film.

  3. HAHA here I thought nobody would catch that.