Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pre release review and director/writer interview.

So I get this email about a week ago wanting me to move forward with the press release of this up coming horror movie.

I thought it was BS. So I decided to screw with them a bit and get some more info.

The other day.. I get another email from them.. Sorry, we thought you where the site admin.. got your info off the site.. read your stuff.. something like that. Then I thought.. hmmm.. is this legit? The lady sending me the email had her contact info on the bottom of it. I called it and dialed the extention. Behold. A legit email.

I told her that I forwarded her info onto the site admin at Horror-Asylum and I would let them talk it out. But, I also mentioned I've been doing reviews on their site and hope to do more. Site blogging, and interviews. And asked about setting one up with the writer/director. Alexandra said that she will be sending me an advanced copy of the movie to review and also today, I just got an email from the director about an interview.!!! I was pretty pumped. Even got his personal cell phone number to contact for any questions.

So now I'm waiting for the movie to arrive. Might be a week or so I would imagine. And even though this is one of those lower budget movies. Even if it was an over accident that they contacted me. They still got my info, and how they are "fans of the site." I would like to think that it was my contributions that helped to make them fans of the site. :) Yeah, probaly just a mistake. Oh well.. Even if i don't like the movie.. and even if it was blind chance I got the request. I still get to do it. Maybe it will open more doors for doing some more cool shit in the future.

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